Friday, May 30, 2008

Work / Love Life vs. Poker

Yeeeeah, I know, it's been a while and the posts are starting to become more and more spread out. I think I've only played 7 or 8 SNG's this entire month as well, and just one $24+2 MTT where I went on the worst tear of hole cards when it mattered the most. Right around the bubble I swear I had 30 hands in a row that looked like the following: 72o, 93o, 84s, T2o, 85o, 72s, 32o, 43s, 52s, J2o, etc...

Anyways, the primary reason for my sporadic posts and play has been due to things going on at work. I swear I put a solid 80 hours in last week, and that includes Saturday and Sunday. Of course this past weekend was nice and long with Memorial Day in there, so I had myself a little mini-vacation. Normally on a weekend like this I'd get a fair amount of pokering in, however for the past month or so I've been seeing a wonderful little lady and had quite a bit of romancing to do instead. Now I certainly don't mind the break from poker given the alternative, bit I have missed the occasional Saturday afternoon SNG that's now been replaced by little day dates in a few instances. All-in-all it's just been more difficult to squeeze in the serious amount of bankroll-building that I'd like to.

There is good news though. First of all, I have 2 more weeks of work and then I'll have a much more flexible summer schedule (yes... I'm in education, and summer vacation is friggin awesome!). Secondly, the lass is aware of my mild poker addiction, and has no problem with it. We even played a few heads-up hands once... though that didn't work out too well since it's largely a lose-lose situation for guys... you win and she's going to be pissed, but if you let her win she catches on and will still be pissed. Especially when your lady friend is tight-passive but will call down your King-high attempts to give her chips with Jack-high. Lesson learned - just don't mix poker and the misses. I still blame her though since she's the one that initially brought it up.

Alright well I must get going for now. I do have the evening free to myself and hope to get a few SNG's in. We'll see if anything post-worthy plays out...

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