Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey on the River

Ohhhh my gullet. So... much... food. Breathing... diff... icult. I have to say that Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays. It's a great time of year to get a little time off, and I like both of the main philosophies involved: taking time to show gratitude for friends and family... and then eating tons of food and passing out on their living room floor. So far today I only had time for a quick post-gorging nap as my little cousins played a Spiderman videogame in the background, and I was awoken by a cat sniffing my face about 20 minutes in. The tryptophan is kicking in big time right now, and I'm probably going to hit the hay in about an hour.

The other upside of the Thanksgiving weekend is having a little time off to catch up on posting here... however I don't have a whole lot to talk about. Since my last post I've been swamped with the usual teaching/coaching/night classes/moving in to new house combination of priorities. I have to admit that in the month or so that I've had this new computer, I haven't bothered to download Full Tilt onto it yet. I've been completely poker-free for a whole month now, and to be honest, it ain't so bad. I definitely miss it every once in a while, like last night when they had the WSOP rerun playing at the bar I was at with old high school friends. For the most part though, it's like anything else... if you don't bring it around you, you really don't think about it.

Speaking of the WSOP, I completely missed all the live "November Nine" business, though from what I've read and heard it doesn't seem like it made the splash the were hoping for. It seems that each year it gets less and less popular. Things have certainly changed since the Moneymaker golden age of poker popularity, but I guess I can't really say much since I've become too busy to really pay attention anymore... or at least until the summer when school is out.

Another little blip of poker news that I recently scanned is the ongoing low-key battle over the UIGEA, with the longshot potential for a poker carve-out on the positive side, and increased pressure on banks and money transaction businesses on the negative side. Not 100% sure what's really going on, so I don't want to misinform you all. Hopefully we'll see some good news in the near future though.

That's about all I got for now. Going to get back to cleaning and piecing together the new house for now.

Happy Thanksgiving, and best of luck at the tables. - B

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