Saturday, April 5, 2008

Full Tilt Server Crash

Go figure that when I finally have a little free time to chill and play a little tournament or two I can't make a connection with my favorite online poker site. At first I had no clue if it was just my connection or what, of course then I check their website and see the "technical difficulties" message, as well as a nice long thread on their forum about things being down for a few hours.

Maybe it was for the best though, as I used the time to finish up my latest hand history project. This one should be familiar from that fun Tier Three bustout I was talking about a week or two ago. Which one you ask? No, not the one where my straight on the turn lost to two pair that rivered the full house (not that bad of a suckout given that it was all-in preflop, just gut-wrenching to bubble in such a manner), I'm talking about the JJ vs. 55 where I lost to a runner-runner straight. Yeah that little diddy. The game still provided what I thought were some interesting hands, so I put the thing up with full synopsis and thought process as usual. Check it...

Complete Hand History - $69+6 Tier Three SNG (8/9)

Other than the usual pokering and site-building, things have been pretty busy. Actually there really hasn't been much pokering and site-building at all lately. Just other work-related things and attempts to catch up on sleep. I'm also kinda looking at real estate in different areas and putting some thought into what my ideal living area is. Maryland is cool and all, but I don't know if I'd like to be here in the long run. The weather just isn't my favorite and the cost of living around here is ridiculous. North Carolina is looking pretty nice, and you can get a ridiculous amount of house for dirt cheap. Everyone I know has only good things to say about the state, and it's not too far from home either. Anyways, something to think about for the near future.

One last thing. I'm trying to put a private freeroll or two together on Full Tilt (if it comes back up one of these days) - probably on a Sunday afternoon or something. I'm going to do one for some friends of mine but will start offering other ones for anyone that's interested. It's all part of the promotion I'm doing at ZipRake, so if a free $25 to play with plus access to these private freerolls sounds like your kind of offer, then go ahead and sign up below. Make sure you do the TeamZR signup too - that's where all the tournament passwords and goodies will be secured.

Free $25 and Private Freerolls at Full Tilt Poker

TeamZR Sign-up

Time to give Full Tilt one more try... hmmm, nope. This is not like them. Oh well. Time to read some more Harrington Vol II then.

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