Sunday, April 13, 2008

So Close Yet Again (HA)

Two nights ago I managed a 4th place finish in one of these fun little 90-player $5 SNG's on FTP that I'm trying to just win one of after the previously blogged-about numerous but non-winning top finishes in them. Well I plugged in for another go-round this afternoon and just busted out in 3rd this time (my 4th time finishing 3rd in probably 2-3 dozen of these) after barely staying afloat for the first 2-3 hours of the tournament and somehow managing to not only scrap back, but build a giant lead at the final table. I was running well later on with a combination of good cards and good moves based on good reads, and even picked up pocket Aces 3 times in the first 16 hands, including in two back-to-back hands. Still I only managed to get a little action on one of them, and gobbled up more chips in well-timed raises and in picking up little pots from the blinds. There was one major hand that drastically changed things, and I'm not sure I would've played it differently given the SB's aggressive tendencies here...

Full Tilt Poker, $5 + $0.50 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 1,200/2,400 Blinds, 300 Ante, 6 Players - Hand History Converter

BB: 21,052
UTG: 21,062
MP: 24,960
CO: 19,542
Hero (BTN): 138,672
SB: 44,712

Pre-Flop: (5,400) Ks As dealt to Hero (BTN)
3 folds, Hero raises to 7,200, SB raises to 44,412 and is All-In, BB folds, Hero calls 37,212

Flop: (93,024) Th 6s Qh (2 Players - 1 is All-In)
Turn: (93,024) 3h (2 Players - 1 is All-In)
River: (93,024) 4d (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: 93,024 Pot
Hero showed Ks As (Ace King high) and LOST (-44,712 NET)
SB showed 9h 9s (a pair of Nines) and WON 93,024 (+48,312 NET)

This put me in a much tighter spot for playing preflop, as my positional advantage would now be in jeopardy almost every time I put my chips in the pot. Plus the cards started running cold for a little while then, and I lost a lot of good opportunities to knock out some of the microscopic stacks still remaining. Another two players were knocked out, and it was down to four when the final hand finally came around...

Full Tilt Poker, $5 + $0.50 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 1,500/3,000 Blinds, 400 Ante, 4 Players - Hand History Converter

BB: 15,404
UTG: 19,516
Hero (BTN): 88,260
SB: 146,820

Pre-Flop: (6,100) Ac Js dealt to Hero (BTN)
UTG raises to 19,116 and is All-In, Hero calls 19,116, SB calls 17,616, BB folds

Flop: (61,948) Jh 2h 3d (3 Players - 1 is All-In)
SB checks, Hero bets 68,744 and is All-In, SB calls 68,744
Turn: (199,436) 3h (3 Players - 2 are All-In)
River: (199,436) 8d (3 Players - 2 are All-In)

Results: 199,436 Pot
UTG showed 9h 9d (two pair, Nines and Threes) and LOST (-19,516 NET)
Hero showed Ac Js (two pair, Jacks and Threes) and LOST (-88,260 NET)
SB showed Ah Qh (a flush, Ace high) and WON 199,436 (+111,176 NET)

So I was behind before the flop, but given that the UTG player was pushing just about every other hand, I'm taking my chances and trying to add a little to my stack. I'm not happy about the SB's call, though it could be just about anything with his range, so I don't see myself getting away after the flop. His call wasn't bad really, I'm just wondering why he didn't push. I might have gotten away then and just waited for a better spot. Hey Zeus those flush draws kill me... maybe I should've just tried to play nice and check it down.

Oh well, can't really argue with going 2/2 in making final tables this weekend. Still in the hunt for that #1 finish though. Maybe next weekend.

Best of luck. - B.

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