Monday, March 17, 2008

$24+2 Tier Two SNG Strategy (HH)

Finally getting back in the swing of things. Stepped back down last night after going 0 for 3 in $26 Token Tier Two conversions. Played in a $8+.80 2-table Tier One and scooped up another $26 Token, then played in a Tier Two today and finally managed to turn that into a $75 Token. HEY ZEUS that was a tight game though... almost half of it was 7-handed bubble play... slow as the dickens. Spent the past two hours typing up a little strategy posting for the more content-heavy of my sites... check it out if interested... - Complete Hand History - $24+2 Tier Two SNG (18 Players, 6 Paid)

So now I have 1 $75 Token and 2 more $26 Tokens, any of which ultimately need to be turned into at least one $205.20 cashout in order to make this little mini-experiment profitable. If I could get two cashes that would be really freakin sweet... we're talking 200% ROI! (see the previous post if you're interested in learning how to calculate that)

Alright, long Monday, I'm out. Best of luck. ~ B

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