Monday, March 10, 2008

Tearing Up Tier One

Well I decided to sleep in this morning and go in to work late, but tomorrow I should probably actually get in on time so I'm going to make this brief. I decided to get another quick Tier One FTP SNG in before bed... the turbo 6-handed don't usually take more than a half hour and they're done. This last one took 24 minutes (plus a little luck) to chalk up another win, so that's 3 in a row now and 4 wins out of 6.

I'm not thrilled with the way I played, but you really gotta take a lot more chances and give your opponents a lot less credit if you want to nab the $26 Tokens in these things. I played a 2nd-nut flush draw (Kh6h) very aggressively and got it in early against TPTK (Ah8d) on a board of 2h-4h-8s... didn't hit my flush but made a runner-runner straight when the turn and river came 5, 7, respectively. Then I managed to river a 3rd King when my top-pair ran into a small two-pair - that ended 3-handed play and gave me a small edge in heads-up, which I won when I turned a two-outer with 44, after leading preflop with a min-raise in position, followed it up with half-pot bet after being checked to on a flop of 7-7-J. Opponent smooth called with trips (75o). Turn was a 4. Opponent checked, I acted like I was done with the hand and checked behind, knowing his aggression and my tight image would most likely get a leading bet out of him on the river, even if he didn't have anything. Sure enough he bet the pot, I doubled it for the rest, and he made what had to be a miserable call. Sorry it had to be you pal, but I'm glad it was me. Sure does say something for trying to slowplay strong hands heads-up.

Alright, time for sleep. G'night all. ~ B

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