Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time for a Tier Rant

Well the cold cards and bad luck are hitting me like a ton of bricks. After winning 4 out of my first 6 Tier One 6-Handed SNG's, I managed to only collect one more $26 Token in the next 14, adding 4 2nd place finishes for $10 as well. Still a positive return (assuming the Tokens have real money value) but not nearly what I was hoping for. I also just went ahead and used the first of my 5 $26 Tokens in a Tier Two 18-player SNG and finished 14th after my nut straight BB-special lost to two pair that filled in, and then AQs lost to AJs. Before that though, in the rest of those Tier One SNG's, my bad luck was freaking sick, and most of these situations we're talking all-in before the flop, sizable stacks: AA lost to QTo, KK lost to A2o, AK lost to AJ, and all sorts of other nasty situations such as 60/40 favorites going down, never winning a single coinflip, and completely missing solid draws while my opponents hit all of theirs. It just wasn't pretty. This whole thing will still be profitable though, as long as I can cash in just one of the Tier Three SNG's using my remaining 4 $26 Tokens to work my way there. Trust me, I've done the math, and I'll be sharing it in the near future. Actually I think I'm going to go ahead and take a break from playing and keep working on typing that up.

Later. ~ B

Edit: Just put that 2nd $26 Token into play. Was sitting solid with 11 still in, got it all-in on the flop AJ vs. A6 on a flop of Q9A, no other draws, big favorite to double up and become 2nd in chips... until a freaking 6 hit the turn. Alright, NOW it's time for a break.

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