Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tier Three Bubble Bust'n (HA)

If I could sum up this day in a sound effect it would be that little "wuaahh wuaaaaahh" trombone noise that you hear in your head whenever something sad/shameful happens. It all started this afternoon when I had some time to go ahead and use $75 Token 1 of 2 for an 18-seater Tier Three SNG. Long story short, it got down to the final 7 (6 get paid, 1-5 get the $216 Tournament Dollars, 6th is $162), I was picking up total crap, stole a few blinds but not as many that were getting stolen from me, almost doubled up when my AK four-flushed against another AK, and ultimately found myself severely short-stacked. Without many options remaining, I got to this sour grape of a hand:

Full Tilt Poker, NL Hold'em Tournament, 150/300 Blinds, 7 Players - Hand History Converter

CO: 3,960
Hero (BTN): 870
SB: 6,735
BB: 2,925
UTG: 2,515
UTG+1: 4,085
MP: 5,910

Pre-Flop: (450) Th Kd dealt to Hero (BTN)
4 folds, Hero raises to 870 and is All-In, SB folds, BB calls 570

Flop: (1,890) 8c Ah Jc (2 Players - 1 is All-In)
Turn: (1,890) Qs (2 Players - 1 is All-In)
River: (1,890) Ad (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: 1,890 Pot
Hero showed Th Kd (a straight, Ace high) and LOST (-870 NET)
BB showed 8d As (a full house, Aces full of Eights) and WON 1,890 (+1,020 NET)

I've never gone from screaming "YES!" to "NOOOOOOOOOO!" so quickly, even though I still would've been the short-stack under pressure if I had won the hand... and knowing my luck, would have busted out soon thereafter.

To make matters even more fun I just spent my last $26 Token busting out in 8th in one of the Tier Two 18-seaters... again, getting kinda short-stacked and trying to make a move. And I also spent another $5.50 in a good old fashioned standard 9-seater, where my QQ ran into AA during the middle-stages.

I still managed to have at least one moment of the day that seems relatively +EV though - going out to Barnes and Nobles and picking up Harrington's Volume II book with a gift card I got around the holidays. Hey zeus I'm still sour though. Think I might take a little break from all this Tier madness and try to come back a little fresh to plunk my final $75 Token down. Just one nice little cashing and I'll be back in the black for this whole mess. Either way I think I'll be going back to standard $5 and $10 SNG's for a while after this, plus the occasional $24+2 MTT to treat myself. We'll see though. I do like the Tier system it's just volatile as hell and like taking a shot in the balls when you bust out like I did today.

Anyways. Time for some poker reading before bed. Waking up early to go to the MVA tomorrow to get my new car titled = -EV :-/

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