Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beauty and the Beat Contest - Free Money!

First of all, I feel I should apologize for de-rousing readers by posting the flowery mug of Alan Jaffray the other night (I know some of you are still recovering), and would like to redeem myself by bringing you this interesting bit of poker content:

Now then, that brings us to the latest TPTM news... our Beauty and the Beat Contest (yes, the free money). As you know I do my best to bring you all some occasional hands at either end of the Hold'em spectrum, ranging from the absolutely disgusting bad beats to the beautifully-played boards of true low-limit poker genius. Unfortunately I can only do so much in my part-time pokering to come across such hands, particularly in the beautifully-played department (not sure why that is... online must be rigged). So I'd like to open the WTF/Beautiful Hands of the Week up to submissions from you, the readers. If you have a hand you feel is worthy,
email it to me, and if I also feel it is worthy, I will send you a complimentary $5 to your Full Tilt player account (an extra buck for including an attractive lass poker-related picture with your Beautiful Hand submission... but please, no images that correspond with bad beats). Sign up at Full Tilt Poker if you don't already have an account.

Don't forget that you could then also use that $5 to play in some weekly Sloppy Deuce tournaments to win even more dollar signs, and also to qualify for our $50 Freeroll on Full Tilt Poker for the first 9 Sloppy Deuce champions.
Having said all that, here's my latest submission for a truly appalling hand, as well as two additional fun ones. Fortunately I wasn't involved in this first one in a $5 90-seater, but it was still pretty sick... though you could argue that really no one played it particularly well...

Full Tilt Poker, $5 + $0.50 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 50/100 Blinds, 8 Players - Hand History Converter

UTG: 4,710
Hero (UTG+1): 4,285
MP1: 4,195
MP2: 1,230
CO: 2,465
BTN: 3,755
SB: 4,360
BB: 975

Pre-Flop: (150) As 9c dealt to Hero (UTG+1)
UTG calls 100, 3 folds, CO raises to 450, 2 folds, BB raises to 975 and is All-In, UTG calls 875, CO raises to 2,465 and is All-In, UTG calls 1,490
Flop: (5,955) 8h 4h 8c (3 Players - 1 is All-In)
Turn: (5,955) 6d (3 Players - 1 is All-In)
River: (5,955) Qd (3 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: 5,955 Pot
UTG showed 4c 5c (two pair, Eights and Fours) and WON 5,955 (+3,490 NET)
CO showed Ah Jh (a pair of Eights) and LOST (-2,465 NET)
BB showed Ad 9d (a pair of Eights) and LOST (-975 NET)

This next one went down earlier on in the same 90-seater. How the hell do you play this mess? With two callers on the flop I had a feeling that 7 was out there waiting to check-raise me. Got even with the river and felt secure that a 10 wasn't out there... could have bet like I had it, and probably should have... but just wasn't thinking right. Raising preflop was another option, but more than likely at a table like this would have resulted in multiple callers and an awkward post-flop situation unless I hit the set.

Full Tilt Poker, $5 + $0.50 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 30/60 Blinds, 8 - Hand History Converter

CO: 4,135
Hero (BTN): 3,965
SB: 2,440
BB: 3,245
UTG: 1,865
UTG+1: 645
MP1: 3,985
MP2: 4,400

Pre-Flop: (90) 9h 9c dealt to Hero (BTN)
2 folds, MP1 calls 60, MP2 calls 60, CO folds, Hero calls 60, SB folds, BB checks
Flop: (270) 8s 9s 6d (4 Players)
BB checks, MP1 checks, MP2 checks, Hero bets 240, BB calls 240, MP1 calls 240, MP2 folds
Turn: (990) 5d (3 Players)
BB checks, MP1 checks, Hero checks
River: (990) 7c (3 Players)
BB checks, MP1 checks, Hero checks

Results: 990 Pot
Hero showed 9h 9c (a straight, Nine high) and WON 330 (+30 NET)
BB showed 7h Kd (a straight, Nine high) and WON 330 (+30 NET)
MP1 showed 8d Qd (a straight, Nine high) and WON 330 (+30 NET)

Last, but certainly not least, I thought this one was pretty cute. Two EP slowplayers at a table that had been pretty aggressive, and you know those short-stacks like to attack the limpers so it was a perfect setup. Little did I know that I was the one being trapped, but I managed to get a little lucky for once and suck out on someone (that's what she said). Would have been cute if the river was a Jack.

Full Tilt Poker, $10 + $1 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 25/50 Blinds, 9 Players - Hand History Converter

MP2: 1,880
CO: 1,860
BTN: 1,500
SB: 2,475
BB: 2,065
Hero (UTG): 1,470
UTG+1: 1,065
UTG+2: 550
MP1: 635

Pre-Flop: (75) Ks Kc dealt to Hero (UTG)
Hero calls 50, UTG+1 calls 50, UTG+2 raises to 550 and is All-In, 6 folds, Hero raises to 1,470 and is All-In, UTG+1 calls 1,015 and is All-In
Flop: (2,755) 2c Kh Tc (3 Players - 1 is All-In)
Turn: (2,755) 8h (3 Players - 1 is All-In)
River: (2,755) 4c (3 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: 2,755 Pot
Hero showed Ks Kc (three of a kind, Kings) and WON 2,755 (+1,690 NET)
UTG+1 showed Ad As (a pair of Aces) and LOST (-1,065 NET)
UTG+2 showed Qd Ah (Ace King high) and LOST (-550 NET)

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