Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grant Hinkle and Theo Tran Discuss 2008 WSOP Event 2 Final Table

I posted a little note last week after watching the 2008 WSOP Event 2 airing on ESPN, as it was a noteworthy final table. Some of you may particularly remember the feud between Theo Tran and Mike Ngo that went down, as well as "Jesus" Ferguson being his typical classy self at a table that was seemingly hurting for class, and also Grant Hinkle and his mother hitting quads with T4s to seal the deal.

Well today I happened upon a post over at 2+2 (where else?) in which both Grant Hinkle (drossxyu) and Theo Tran (obvious username) have added there input into what went down at the table. Here's the link:

There's a lot of Theo-bashing to sort through, and to my surprise he does a decent job of dispelling some of the speculation about what a punk he is... after reading his posts he doesn't seem as much of a jackass as ESPN made him out to be, just a very competitive and emotional player... and I agree that Ngo was really asking for it with his behavior.

The thing that was of more interest to me though is Grant talking about how heads-up action lasted 2 hours but was boiled down to only 2 hands on the ESPN airing. This is particularly important in explaining Grant's move with T4s into James Akenhead's AK reraise. Plus it goes to show that you really don't even get a fraction of the big tournament picture in ESPN's coverage. I was also glad to see that I wasn't the only one experiencing the sudden changes in picture where the cards were going off my screen for minutes at a time.

On a related note, I missed Event 3 last night, but will try to catch it on YouTube I guess. I was spending time with the lady friend instead, and I didn't think she would enjoy 2 hours of poker... and I can definitely understand that after watching ESPN's coverage of Event 2. We had dinner with her family instead and watched some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes... good times.

I'm about to play in the $32k on Full Tilt tonight, and if I bust out of that early I might give
The Mookie a shot. (Edit: busted out of the $32k in 708th - got AK early, flopped TPTK, but gave it up on the turn to some donk with a little flush, then folded my way up to the first break, finally picked up KK but just got the blinds, 99 got the blinds as well and added a little to my stack, but still about half average, then QQ in the SB went up against K7o in the BB that tried to get cute and resteal... and of course hit the King, and here I am. Decided not to play The Mookie and just call it a night.)

See you out there. - B

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