Monday, August 11, 2008

Electronic Poker Tables Taking Over?

Just read on Tao of Poker that the Excalibur in Vegas will be replacing their dealers with these things, being the first casino in the area to do so. It's called the PokerTek PokerPro automated poker room, and it essentially combines live poker with the online components of automated shuffling, dealing, and handling of chip-less pots. The pros are obviously that casinos can (and hopefully will) cut back a little on rake since they'll be employing fewer poker room staff members, and players obviously won't have to tip the computers. Also, the number of hands you see per hour would likely increase as well. The cons, on the other hand... well it's just not the same! Sure it's pretty sweat how when you cup your hands around the touch-screen panel your virtual cards roll back so you can check them, but I really don't think I would find it to be as enjoyable an experience as just good old fashioned live poker with a human dealer. There's also something to be said here for the economic impact that this could have... good for casinos, bad for dealers... ______ for players?

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