Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Reads

About to turn in for the night, as for the past three days I've been waking up about 3-4 hours earlier than I've become accustomed to over the long-but-still-too-short summer months. Gotta start getting used to it though, as the school year is fast approaching, and all three of my alarms are going to be set around 5:30 or earlier. This week we had a bunch of orientation sessions (all the reminders about multicultural education, differentiated instruction, and how touching children inappropriately is a bad thing, all of which we seem to get lectured about at least 30 times per year). Next week all staff members return, and the week after that the entire public high school circus will be in full swing. I'm honestly very excited for the coming school year, and don't think being forced to take a bit of a break from poker will be a terrible thing at all.

Anyways, I did manage to sneak two standard $10 SNG's in tonight, coming in 5th in the first one with a typical middle-stage all-in preflop AKo vs. TT flip (I open pushed my AK, MP player called with the Tens), and then came in 2nd in the latter, with no really special hands, except for one fun one that I'll post later.

Before I hit the hay though, I thought I'd share some high quality poker content that I recently stumbled upon, all of which I think are good reads if you have the time...

First off you have to check out
Hard Boiled Poker. Pretty much everything Shamus puts up is bound to be engaging, informative, and often enlightening as well, full of tidbits of deep poker wisdom. Some of my recent favorites are still on the front page - "Sometimes the Cards Play Us" and "Perspectives on Poker."

Jumping across the pond now, I've been throwing Burnley Mik's blog,
Donkey Thrasher, into my weekly reading. Also a lot of good stuff, especially for more low limit players.

Finally, I came across an archive of poker philosophy goodness on
The Cards Speak, which no longer appears to be active now (old articles mention the now-unmentionable Party Poker), but is nonetheless chock full of great posts. Here are some of my favorites:

Zen and the Art of The Dude (for Big Lebowski fans)
Rushmore Poker Wisdom (for Wes Anderson fans)
Poker: Hobby, Sport, or Profit?
Development of a poker player

Happy reading, and stay tuned for another free money offering coming your way...

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