Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Deuce Cometh!

I'm in the middle of getting my ass handed to me in FTP's SNG Madness, but thought I'd take a minute to remind everyone about the first ever TPTM private tournament tomorrow. Here's the information again in case you're incapable of reading it on the giant banner above...

The Sloppy Deuce
Sunday @ 14:00 EST on Full Tilt Poker
$2+.50 NL Hold'em
go to Tournaments, click the Private tab, and scroll down to the respective buy-in and time.

And remember, if you don't already have a FTP account, you can download it and sign up for one
here, then email me your player name and I'll drop $10 into your account to start playing with.

Alright, time to go grab lunch and then get back to the neverending suckouts. It all started when I got my Aces cracked by 65o in an MTT, and since then it's been an ugly weekend. Plus, I don't know what it was but all the $10 SNG's on Full Tilt were packed with nits last night. In the one game we seriously went 6 levels without one knockout. What do you do when it's still 8-9 handed, the blinds are at 60/120 and you're sitting cold-decked with around 1,200 chips or so? So far the answer has been you find a hand like AK or JJ, push it in, find yourself in a coinflip situation and, of course, lose 100% of them. Ah well, so it goes.

Hope you're all having better luck than I am.

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